General Surgery



Inguinal hernia: A common general surgical condition, which can be fixed with open or laparoscopic technique almost invariably using a mesh
Umbilical/Paraumbilical hernia: usually a small lump around umbilicus, best to be repaired surgically when small rather than when too big.
Incisional hernia: Hernia at the site of previous surgery, can be repaired by open or laparoscopic technique using a mesh


Emergency Surgery

Mr Gupta is able to help in emergency general surgery like laparotomy for bowel obstruction and laparoscopic appendicectomy for acute appendicitis, drainage of skin abscess or abdominal pain.


Skin Lumps and Bumps

Mr Gupta also offers minor surgery for skin lumps and bumps like sebaceous cysts, lipomas etc under local or general anaesthesia

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