Pilonidal Sinus Disease

Pilonidal sinus, also known as "Jeep's Bottom" is a problem which occurs in the natal cleft (between the buttocks) where midline pits can lead to ingrowing hair causing infection under the skin. It can lead to an acute abscess when it has to be drained by making an incision over the abscess.


Pilonidal sinus

If the sinus remains and discharges persistently, an elective operation can be performed to remove the area involved. The skin can be mobilised to either be closed or sometimes the wound is left open in order to slowly heal from inside out.  Pilonidal sinus is complex problem and can take months for the wound to heal.  Mr Gupta offers Cleft Closure procedure where he mobilises the skin and attempts to close it to expedite healing process 


Cleft Closure

A preferred method to treat pilonidal disease.

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